Volunteer Profile – Melissa McDade

Melissa McDade has been working as a volunteer at DSY for a year, helping out at Denhale Centre, on Mondays and Fridays. She came to us from the Wakefield College “Ready, Get Set” Course, a programme  aimed at young people in College, who are not likely to access the workplace independently.  It aims to enable them to gain the skills needed for employment.

Initially, Melissa was supported by a job coach, but now she has completed her college programme, volunteer independently, and often travels independently to and from the centre.

Here is a bit more about Melissa


What is your Name? Melissa Jane Mary McDade

How old are you? 20

Where did you go to school? Highfields School, Ossett

Where Did you go to College? Wakefield College
What Course Did You do? Ready, Get Set

What did you like about being on that course? Going on trips, Gueest Speakers and meting new friends.

Tell us some of the things you enjoy doing and why?

Going to watch rugby because I love to watch the players. I support Wakefield Wildcats. Also going bowling with my group because it is fun.

What have you been doing when you come to DSY?

Working on the computer, helping make Sportin Memory Boxes, helping the Church Group (Elim), and helping do events.

Which jobs do you like the most? Computer and making drinks and helping the church group.

Who have you met? Ian Kevin Fiona Wayne and Sue

What is the best thing about working at DSY? Meeting new people and taking people’s entry fees to the Denhale Centre.

What are you going to do now you have left college? I’d like to work at Wakefield Theatre and working with animals or work in a cafe.

Who is your hero? Who inspires you? Robbie Williams

What are your ambitions for work and life? To get job

What advice would you give to someone starting the Ready Get Set course?

Its good the people you meet are nice, and good luck for getting a job.