Kirklees Social Inclusion Project

Social Inclusion Project

Following on from the success of the two year Inclusive Sport Partnership project with Kirklees Council, in 2014 DSY was commissioned by the Kirklees Community Partnership to deliver a 3 year Social Inclusion Project.

The project was set up to target anyone with a social care need, such as those with mental or physical ill-health, dementia, those in rehabilitation or elderly people. The aim of the project is to engage those with a social care need, or isolated individuals, in physical activity on a regular basis.

The first phase of the project involved six months consulting with individuals, families and professionals to identify target groups, the issues and solutions and how to maximise available funding. Recommendations for action were made before moving into the active phase of the project.

Year One Achievements

  • Six month research report translated into an action plan for the project.
  • 82 new staff members of Kirklees Active Leisure trained through on-line disability equality package.
  • Links developed with over 40 local organisations including those who support elderly people, those with dementia and mental ill-health. Positive inter-agency collaboration with 7 of these organisations.
  • 5 sports ambassadors trained and provided with uniform and log books. An increased number of organisations willing to host ambassadors and benefit from their skills.
  • 45 people have achieved sports leadership skills and 5 ambassadors enrolled and successfully completed personal development and various sports training programmes. All supported into regular volunteering including organising events across Kirklees. Over 400 hours of voluntary work completed in the second half of the year.
  • Inclusive activity fund available to promote more opportunities and engaging trained volunteers a pre-requisite of a successful application.
  • Deaf football team established and regularly playing fixtures

DSY Contribution

  • Employment of project officer
  • Additional in-kind support and funding totalling £6,500 approx, including delivery of a Sports Leadership Award and Boccia Leaders Award
  • Recruitment, employment of a sports leader on a 16 hour weekly contract for 6 months.