The Inclusion Grant Guidelines for applicants

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The Inclusion Grant

Guidelines for applicants

This guidance sets out what organisations can apply for and provides information on eligible levels of funding. Please ensure you have read this carefully before you complete your application.

We will fund activities which will have a lasting benefit for participants, rather than a one-off experience. You should therefore set out in your application your plan for the activity to become self-sustaining after 12 months.

Member contributions

We do expect that organisations charge a sessional contribution from members/participants. The minimum should be £1 per session but this should also reflect a reasonable contribution towards the cost of running sessions. For example, if a session costs £40 to run and 20 people attend a £1 contribution is reasonable. However, if a session costs £100 to run and only 20 people attend then a more proportionate contribution would be £2.50.


In order to ensure that organisations really do need the money they are applying for, we request information on unrestricted funds. We do this in order to acknowledge that organisations with buildings to maintain and/or staff salaries to pay must have large dedicated or restricted reserves to cover running costs and any possible redundancy costs. In order to treat organisations fairly we have a sliding scale of funding, as follows:

  • Organisations are eligible for a full award if they hold less than 100% of their annual running costs in unrestricted reserves.
  • Those organisations that hold between 100% and 200% of their annual running costs in unrestricted reserves are eligible for a 50% award.
  • Those organisations that hold more than 200% of their annual running costs in unrestricted reserves are not eligible for an award.

Sessional/Part time workers

Some organisations need to use sessional workers or coaches to deliver specific activities. We are able to make a contribution to this but have limited the amount per hour that can be funded.

If you are successful with your application we can contribute up to £15 per hour, depending on the skills and qualifications required for the activity. If as an organisation you decide to pay more than this, please show in your application how you will make up the difference.


We appreciate that the provision of organised and/or subsidised transport is vital for some people to take part in sport/leisure activities. We will contribute up to 50% of the cost of providing transport. We expect that individuals using the transport contribute the other 50%. Before you apply for funding to contribute to transport costs, please note the following:

  • Volunteer drivers – need to provide their licence and show that they have adequate insurance. DBS checks need to be undertaken if they are working with children or vulnerable adults. Volunteer drivers should be reimbursed there expenses in line with the organisations volunteering policy.
  • Transport buddies – a person who is confident in using public transport or walking to a venue could accompany someone who is not so confident and needs some support.
  • Taxis – if taxis are essential, sharing should be arranged so the cost to both the organisation and the individual is reduced. For example, a taxi collecting 4 people at a cost of £16 equates to £4 a head.
  • Community transport schemes – many local areas have door to door transport schemes such as Dial-a-Ride.

If you have any queries not covered by this guidance please contact:

Fiona Hall

Projects Officer

Disability Sport Yorkshire

Tel: 01924 372382