DSY 100 Club

The DSY 100 Club

We launched the DSY 100 Club at our 25th Anniversary Awards Dinner in March 2018. We are asking 100 people to support us by pledging £10 a month (less than buying a weekly cup of coffee in town). This will bring in £12,000 a year which will enable us to start the delivery of a new ‘Sporting Futures’ programme. The donation you are making will also enable us to apply for match funding from other sources.

The Sporting Futures Programme

We will extend a successful pilot recently run in West Yorkshire to include disabled young people across the region. We will recruit a cohort of disabled young people in each of the County areas of Yorkshire. Each participant will take a basic course in first aid and health and safety and will graduate as a sport leader and coach in at least one sport of their choice. Individuals will also gain practical experience by volunteering in a sports or activity club in their local area. . We believe that this is an important way to build capacity so young disabled people have more choices where and how they can get involved in sport. Several of the young people in the pilot have subsequently gained part-time employment in sports organisations

Membership of the DSY 100 Club

Supporters of the DSY 100 Club will be making a major impact on the lives of disabled young people. In return we will offer a number of opportunities to members which will include:

  • a complimentary ticket for our Annual Award Dinner
  • a VIP reception at one of our Active Events OR a vintage tea party at our Wakefield HQ which will also include a complimentary ticket.
  • a quarterly news letter

Joining the Club

If you would like to support our work by joining the DSY 100 Club, please complete the standing order form below and send it to your bank. The form is from our bank and contains all our details. If you could add in the reference box ‘DSY100’ plus your surname, that would be very helpful.

Thank you for your support

We do appreciate your support for what is a vital project to bring disabled young people into the mainstream of sport. The impact will be significant in clubs around the region, providing role models for others and building capacity for more disabled people to take part in sport.

 DSY 100 Club Standing Order Mandate (2)