Volunteer With DSY

Volunteering with DSY

We are a not-for profit organisation and charity with a small staff team and limited funds. We can only deliver our services if we are supported with a broad range of knowledge and skills. Some of the additional capacity we need is provided by our trustees but from time to time we do need specific help and support.

As a small charity the support of volunteers is vital if we are to ensure every disabled child and adult in Yorkshire who wants to take part in physical activity or a sport of their choice is able to.

We need the help of people from all backgrounds who are interested in making our community a better place to live and work. We need volunteers to support us to make our services more accessible and inclusive.

We are happy to work in partnership with Yorkshire companies who want to ensure a successful Corporate Social Responsibility programme. We can assist companies to find meaningful ways to contribute to their local communities in a way that will benefit both parties. We can provide support to ensure that employees who volunteer have a good experience by using their work skills in a sector that really needs them. Together we can create a lasting and positive impact for our communities.

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Feedback – Staff doing volunteering through company CSR programme

Uplifting, soul searching and enjoyable, if any of our guys think we are having it tough and that we are in a difficult period please recommend they attend a charity event like this. They will know the true meaning of being resilient. They will see kids with mega difficulties trying their hardest just to complete a simple task and doing it with a smile on their face, perhaps they will realise what real problems are. I include myself in the above classification and it is really humbling.’

Your Organisation do a completely and utterly brilliant job by supporting disabled children the way you do’.

The ‘Regional Athletics Final Day’ was just great to be involved with in every way, deeply rewarding and humbling are what comes to mind’.

I’m so full of admiration for the effort shown by all the children involved’. Their obvious sense of achievement whilst participating in the events and indeed cheering on their friends, just filled my heart with joy and pride – as the father of a special needs son I could easily burst into tears just thinking about it’. 

Allowing these children the opportunity to be involved in an event like this must be so special for them, their teachers, carers and families’

You and everyone involved with the organisation are an absolute credit and you should feel very proud of yourselves’.

I volunteered at the disability sports day this year (my first with npower) and I’ll certainly volunteer again. It was a great day, filled with young people who face a number of challenges raising that bar to do things that other children take for granted’.

It was a truly humbling experience to see the bravery, determination and competitiveness of so many children and teenagers, as they enjoyed themselves and cheered each other on. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been involved and am looking forward to next year’s event already’.

I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable day. What made it all the better was the enthusiasm shown by all the athletes. As a marshal it was a pleasure to help and very pleasing to see the joy on their faces when they won medals. For me they were all winners. It was great to be part of such a good event. 


You have my consent boss to kick me up the backside if you ever hear me moaning about work. It is really uplifting when you attend events like this and I have enjoyed it that much that I am going to take a day’s holiday to volunteer at the regional sports day in June. I have the same financial worries as most people but tonight I feel the luckiest person in the world.’


It was a fantastic day, everyone got involved, I feel we made a difference and it was a privilege to be a part of the team, and to support DSY to provide the youngsters with an opportunity to participate in the games.’

Feedback from College staff regarding volunteering opportunities for students 

DSY has been an invaluable help to our college and students. Through various units they have attended lessons to inform our students of a range of sporting activities that have been new to the group and widened their knowledge of sports and especially special needs.’

‘The students have benefited greatly through the experience. Last academic year a Boccia tournament was held at College and twenty of our students were involved in the organisation of the event. They contacted various schools around the community and over eighty players, staff, supporters and parents attended a really successful competition. The college students really enjoyed the event and many asked about further competitions and contacts with the schools were made.’