Donations and Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind, which will enable us to be more efficient and effective in our work, are very much appreciated. We currently have a wish list of items that would enhance the work we do. We have put an indicative cost of each item but would be very happy to accept pre-used items that you no longer have a use for.

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Disability Sport Yorkshire – Wish List


Adapted and adjustable bicycles and sports wheelchairs for junior athletics, basketball and marathons

Tandems are required for visually impaired children/young adults who need a sighted guide. Adapted cycles such a three wheelers for those with physical impairment and those with a severe learning difficulty who would not be able to balance a traditional two wheeler bicycle.Both wheelchair basketball and racing are growing sports and many disabled teenagers aspire to take part. However, the cost of specialist wheelchairs is prohibitive for many young people. We would like to have an equipment loan scheme to get young people started in the sport of their choice.Tandem £3.5k3 Wheel Bicycle £4.5k

Sports wheelchair £2.5k

Racing wheelchair £4k

Audio visual equipmentTraining is an important element in opening up sport and physical activity for disabled young people. We need to train sports leaders and coaches to work inclusively and how to adapt coaching techniques. The use of visual aids for young people in developing their knowledge and skill of a sport is vital. We also need to deliver disability equality training for facilities staff of sports centres and fitness clubs to make them more accessible.Smart TV 55’’ £1kData Projector £350



Portable screen £100

Additional activity space at Denhale Active Recreation CentreIn order to deliver some of our training and project work we need additional activity space. We have explored the purchase of a Portakabin or similar temporary building. Advice from the company is that we could purchase and renovate an ex-hire building or could purchase a new unit. They have also given advice on the location and base required which adds to the cost.Portakabin new£30,000

Ex-hire + refurb


Fully automated reception doorsTo make the building more accessible to individual disabled people, we do need to consider the installation of fully automated doors to the entrance area.£3,500
Project on enhancing employment prospects of disabled young peopleDSY has a major 2 year project to enhance the employment of disabled young people in the field of sport and leisure. An element of this project is to provide real work placements. Because of the particular requirements of specialist software needed for disabled people, we need to make laptops available along with specialist software such as Dragon Dictate, Read and Write and Zoomtext so that barriers to work experience are removed.Laptops £500 each Dragon Dictate £200

Ztext £500

R&W £350

WebsiteOur current website is no longer fit for purpose. We need an up-to-date website that will promote better communication with disabled people across Yorkshire, enable greater use of social media and give us the facility for an information portal for disabled people, sports staff and coaches across the region. The website must have a content management system and be accessible to users of specialist disability software.We have a company who will develop the website on a cost only basis but we need funding for the website technical requirements. A sponsor would have their specified advertisement on the website as part of a package of sponsorship.£1,500
Laser printer and electric binderThis will help us to produce promotional material as needed and keep all material up-to-date. This is much more cost effective than having material printed. Printed leaflets often become outdated before they are distributed and storage is an issue for us.Printer £500Binder £400
Denhale Active Recreation Centre SecurityThe pruning of overgrown laurel bushes to clear car parking space has revealed a run of perimeter fencing which is weak and leaves our premises less secure than we would like. We need 15 metres of security fencing at £30 per metre plus labour to install this. Fencing £2kLabour £400 approx
Denhale Active Recreation Centre redecorationOur building has not been redecorated for 8 years and is showing wear and tear. We can probably undertake the re-decoration of the building by using volunteers but we will have to source all materials. We need paint, brushes and rollers etc, for us to be able to go ahead with this.£3,000